In the Autonomous Community of Cantabria, in the north of Spain, there is a beautiful karst area that was exploited for centuries for its iron resources.

Greek and Roman geographers valued the mineral wealth of this territory, and it was the Romans who opened the first open pit mine, which intensified its production in the Middle Ages and did not cease its activity until the end of the 20th century.

When the mine was abandoned in 1989, it was decided to revalue the area by making a zoological park where animals could live in semi-freedom, being a pioneer in Europe.

The park today is excellent to enjoy its well-kept landscape environment, see different protected species in the open air, and do various activities.

For example, you can see the park from the air by cable car, and you can also travel the trails of the old mine by bicycle.

Best of all, the closure of the mine did not prevent the development of the municipality of Cabárceno, new jobs were created in the new Nature Park, and the environment of the area was put to better use.

An example of sustainable development that could be imitated in other regions!

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